Dongjaseok 251-270 Incense Holder
Sold out

Dongjaseok, is a native culture of Jeju.
People set this up right next to the grave to protect dead as guardian angel.

Dongjaseok means a message that families and friends want to send for the dead.
Therefore every pieces of Dongjaseok have all different kinds of faces and goods.

There are many loss of Donjaseok in these days, and only 250 pieces are left in Jeju island.

We would like to keep this native culture as recreate Dongjaseok starting from No.251. also would like to inform meaning of Dongjaseok its symbolic and superstitious as Incense get burned.

You can see 1 set of Dongjaseok which consist with 2 pieces in Jeju’s grave.

Odujej made 10sets, 20 pieces of Dongjaseok.

Limited Edition
No.251 – 270 [SOLD OUT]
No.271 – 300 [Coming soon] 

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Returns & Exchanges

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